Two Evenings of Films in Brighton

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This November in Brighton, Exploding Appendix presents two evenings of films by artists Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais.

Since meeting in 2010 Daniel & Clara have been working together creating performance and moving image work concerned with the purpose of creativity and the power of art to transform reality. Their shared passion for the history of cinema and painting has lead them on a deeply personal investigation into the nature of moving images, with a particular focus on the role of cinema as an art form and its relationship to the imagination. Their films are visually striking, immersive experiences often created using a variety of obsolete video formats, such as Hi8, VHS and Mini-DV.


Presentation + Screening of SAVAGE WITCHES
Free Entry / See map

Daniel & Clara will present an illustrated talk about their work together followed by a screening of Savage Witches and a discussion chaired by Bradley Tuck of Exploding Appendix.

Savage Witches is a kaleidoscopic experimental feature film about two girls who use their imagination and the magic of cinema to transform the world around them. The screen becomes a canvas of visual experimentation, mixing a great variety of textures, colours and techniques that tear through narrative and formal conventions in order to liberate our senses and activate the imagination. As the film unfolds, the process of filmmaking seeps into the film itself, extending the search for creative freedom to all levels of the film and blurring any distinctions between documentary, fiction, reality and artifice.


Presented by Exploding Appendix in partnership with Fabrica
Tickets: £ 6.00 / Book here

Throughout 2018 Daniel & Clara embarked on an ambitious new project called the Studio Diaries. Created over the course of seven months, this series of 100 short films captures the workings of the artists’ daily creative practice, but more than simply documenting, the Studio Diary Series is creative thought in action. Each film is an investigation into the language of moving images, exploring how narrative and meaning are constructed through the relationship between sound and image.

This special presentation at Fabrica will consist of an abridged version of the Studio Diary Series followed by a Q&A with the artists.

Studio Diary Series at Doclisboa’18


We are very happy to announce that our Studio Diary series will be screening at Doclisboa in Lisbon on Sunday 21st October, 4 pm at Cinema São Jorge! We will be attending the festival to present the first 99 short films of this series and during the festival we will be shooting the 100th film which will be available to view online following the screening.

See full programme here.

Thank you so much to Joana Sousa for inviting us to screen our films and to the festival team for all their work and support. We are so happy to be a part of this wonderful festival!

Daniel & Clara

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Autumn Exhibitions 2018

Studio Diary still

Upcoming screenings of films by Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais

15 September
In Search Of The Exile screening at Pugnant Film Series, Fuck Narration 24 hour film event,, Athens, Greece.
Details here

19 September
Telekinetic Pleasures screening at Bideodromo: International Experimental Film and Video Festival, BilbaoArte Art Production Center, Bilbao, Spain.
Details here

19 September
Telekinetic Pleasures screening at DOBRA – Festival Int’l de Cinema Experimental, Cinemateca Museu Arte Moderna Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Details here

2 October
The Quest For The Cine-Rebis screening at Exploding Appendix Art and Research Group, Brighton, UK.
Details here

6 October
The Kingdom Of Shadows screening at Gorst Underground Film Festival, Gorst, WA, USA.
Details here

13 October
Telekinetic Pleasures screening at Gardunha Fest, A Moagem, Fundão, Portugal.
Details here

21 October
Studio Diary Series screening at Doclisboa’18, Lisbon, Portugal.
Details here

31 October
INT. LANDSCAPES screening as a part of Experimental Film Society shorts programme at Filmwerkplaats, WORM Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Details here

7 & 9 November
Two Evenings of Films by Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais presented by Exploding Appendix, Brighton, UK.
Wed: Presentation + Savage Witches @ University of Sussex
Fri: Studio Diary Series (abridged) @ Fabrica Gallery
Details here

An Interview In 12 Parts. Part 7: The Quest For The Cine-Rebis


Here is Part 7 of our year-long interview which is being conducted by Bradley Tuck as a part of our artist residency at Exploding Appendix.

In this month’s instalment we discuss our film/manifesto The Quest For The Cine-Rebis (2016), while shooting off onto various topics, including artist manifestoes, Arthurian quests, alchemy, creativity, feet and shoes, the politics of film funding, spirituality, gender and more!

“For us the title of a film is like an egg that can be opened and inside you can find the entire universe of the film, if you could somehow ingest the title then the film would play in its entirety within your mind and you would know it throughout your whole body. In our work a title nearly always comes at the very beginning of a project, it guides us strongly through the forming of the film. From that short couple of words we are able to unravel the core purpose of the production. Sometimes our titles totally baffle us but we stick to them anyway and trust in them to guide us through the creative process. They are instinctively chosen, so they have a wisdom that is beyond our conscious mind, it is so fascinating to speak with them as if they are characters and learn from them. The Quest For The Cine-Rebis is a very direct title, it offers the three central motifs essential to this work: the mythological quest, the alchemical work and the medium of cinema.”

Read the full text:
An Interview in 12 Parts. Part 7: The Quest For The Cine-Rebis

Many thanks to Exploding Appendix’s Bradley Tuck for his ongoing support and collaboration!

Daniel & Clara

EXTERIORS Short Film Series

We are very pleased to announce that EXTERIORS, our series of five short landscape films is now available to watch on Vimeo VOD here.

EXTERIORS Short Film Series
A series of five landscape films by Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais

Nature has always been central to our films. Animals, weather and the landscape often feature as characters and symbols treated with the same significance as the human performers. In our short film series EXTERIORS we decided to strip away as many of the other elements as possible and focus on the direct relationship between the recording device (in this case a VHS camera) and the natural environment. This could be seen as a series of short meditations on surfaces, the surface elements of our planet and the visual surface of the recorded image.

We have a love for the visual qualities of video, particularly of VHS and Hi8, there is something in the unique quality of the image, the unexpected transformation of colour and the jittery movement that we find spellbinding and beautiful. What you see in these films is not a detached scientific recording or a simple document of places as they are seen by the human eye but a series of immersive and expressionist video-paintings that speak of the landscape as it exists within our imagination. These could be called inner landscapes – once filmed by our trans-mutating-cinema-device they become imagined worlds, something more than those places that existed in the outer-world, they are now spaces for you to project yourself into and drift in a sea of sensations made with light and sound.

EXT. WAVES   2017, 21 mins, VHS, colour
EXT. FIRE AT FAIRLIGHT GLEN   2017, 6 mins, VHS, colour
EXT. TREES   2017, 10 mins, VHS, colour
EXT. SEA MIST   2017, 7 mins, VHS, colour
EXT. WILD FLOWERS   2017, 5 mins, VHS, colour

Bonus film:
Also included here is INT. LANDSCAPES (2018) a short Super 8 film by Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais which was filmed on location in Ireland while they were there performing in Rouzbeh Rashidi’s Phantom Islands. Not so much a behind the scenes film as a film created to the side, in the spaces between frames and in those moments between takes. In this film a series of inner landscapes are evoked through sound, voice and fleeting fragments of Super 8 film.

An Interview in 12 Parts. Part 6: FILM PANIC Magazine

Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais

Here’s Part 6 of our year long interview which is being conducted by Bradley Tuck as a part of our artist residency at Exploding Appendix.

In this installment we discuss our publication Film Panic Magazine, the ins and outs of our writing process, some key books that have influenced us, and the many contemporary artist filmmakers we have interviewed including Rouzbeh Rashidi, Gurcius Gewdner, Hooroo Jackson, Toby Tatum, David Finkelstein, Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian, Marnie Weber, Scott Barley, Atoosa PourHosseini, Janja Rakuš and Susu Laroche.

“Creative work has its own authority and we are not interested in illustrating any particular theory or anyone’s ideas, not even our own, sometimes the films themselves do not necessarily illustrate our film philosophy, they might even contradict or expand it beyond where we had previously reached with words. Our writing is always an attempt to catch up with ourselves, understand what we are doing and find clues of where we might be heading next.”

“The magazine will no doubt continue to transform and we are not precious about where it goes, for us Film Panic is our public journal and workbook, it is a place to gather our research and document the projects that excite us, so as our work as filmmakers evolves the magazine will too, and it could take us anywhere!”

Read the full text:
An Interview in 12 Parts. Part 6: Film Panic Magazine

Many thanks to Exploding Appendix’s Bradley Tuck for his ongoing support and collaboration!

Daniel & Clara